Fitness For A Healthy Mind, Body & Soul


Leading a holistically healthy lifestyle can prove tough at times, but we’re here to shed a bright light on what Planet Fitness has to offer for a healthy mind, body and soul.


Being Active Means Being Effective

Planet Fitness is all about taking you back to wellness and fitness while you learn more about your body. They offer a wide variety of facilities and services to help you reach your fitness goals and give you peace of mind, such as their Mind & Body, HIIT and Spinning classes.


Mind & Body Classes

Mind & Body classes consist of Yoga and Pilates group classes. You can join any of these classes if you want to increase your fitness levels and to help you unwind.


  • Focuses on lengthening and strengthening your muscles
  • Focuses on the core
  • The class helps with transformation


  • Improves balance
  • Improves flexibility
  • Limits the possibility of injury
  • Improves coordination and strength with emphasis on breathing
  • Connects mind and body

HIIT Classes

High Intensity Interval Training is all about building strength, fitness, toning and so much more. 

The HIIT includes 50 Shades Fitter and Bootcamp classes that will get you fit in no time.

50 Shades Fitter

  • Improves strength
  • Great for toning
  • 50 minutes high energy class
  • 50 second bursts of variety


  • Muscle conditioning
  • Great cardio
  • High energy workout
  • Use a variety of equipment

Spinning Classes

Spinning is known as one of the best classes for interval training. 

  • Improves breathing
  • Great for toning
  • Great for endurance
  • Plays an integral part in weight loss

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