Like all coffee lovers,
We can’t get enough.
But when sticking to a budget, treating yourself is the first thing not to make the list.
We wanted to create a space for you to taste the coffee shop experience at the best price possible. And so, for more than 3 years now XPRESSO Café has been serving thousands of customers all over South Africa.
XPRESSO Café is the FIRST R10 TAKE-AWAY coffee shop franchise in South Africa to sell ALL the items on its menu for ONLY R10 each.
We want to offer our customers flavourful coffee, delicious pastries, appetising sandwiches and decadent treats to enjoy any time of the day.
So, you never have to cross ‘treating yourself’ off the list.
Pretty cool right?

Telephone Number

084 393 5220

Alt. Telephone Number

082 495 8351

Shop Number


Trading Hours

Open Today: Tuesday

From 09h00 to 19h00

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