The Wildlands Recycling Village Opens At Liberty Midlands Mall

midlands mall wildlands recycle village

Woolworths has partnered with WILDLANDS to establish a recycling village at Liberty Midlands Mall, to encourage citizen-action to improve our environment. The Liberty Midlands Mall Recycling Village will be the fourth recycling village in this partnership with one more to follow, all in the KZN area, with the aim to increase recycling rates in South Africa.

WILDLANDS recycling villages, which are at the forefront of recycling and the recycling circular economy in South Africa, are part of a well-established WILDTRUST programme. Other partners include Dow Chemicals, Nedbank and YES (Youth Employment Service).

“We are delighted that our store has been chosen as the first KZN store to lead the way for finding sustainable solutions to our country’s huge plastic pollution issues. We know that care for the environment is close to our customers’ hearts and are looking forward to joining hands with them to reduce single-use plastic bag usage and increase recycling in our community,” says Carra Jakobi, Woolworths Midlands Mall Store Manager.

Customers can find the Liberty Midlands Mall Recycling Village located in the undercover parking area close to Edgars.

Let’s Go Green!

We’re making recycling a little easier with the new Recycling Village now open at Liberty Midlands Mall.

Paper and Cardboard:

Paper of all sorts is acceptable, including books, flyers, magazines, junk mail, and coloured paper. Avoid waxy papers. Cardboard can be recycled as long as it is not saturated with food and grease, as is common with pizza boxes. Remove liners before recycling cereal or other food boxes.


Most recyclable plastics have the numbers on them, often on the bottom, and one through seven are usually accepted. Many disposable utensils cannot be included, unfortunately, due to the low-quality blend of plastics used. If you can easily crumple the plastic, such as with a baggie, do not include it in your recycling bin. Plastic bags are not accepted curb side, but your local grocery store may collect them.


In general, all aluminum cans are accepted for recycling. Rinse out liquids, especially sodas and juices, in order to avoid an onslaught of bugs to the area. If you are tight on space, you can crush the cans.


Most glass containers can be recycled. Rinse them prior to placing them in the bin and avoid breaking them. If glass shatters, it can’t be recycled since the mixing of different colours can contaminate individual batches.


Woolworths Brings Their Paper Shopping Bag Trial to KZN

On its ongoing commitment to phase out single-use plastic shopping bags by 2020, Woolworths has announced the second phase of its trial of specially-designed paper bags for fashion, beauty and homeware purchases. In alignment with its Good Business Journey, every aspect of the impact of the new paper bags has been considered, from improved care for the environment and utilising recycled content, to sourcing the bag from a local medium-sized black-owned enterprise.

The stand-out feature of the new paper bags is that it is made out of 100% recycled paper. The paper used in their production is recovered from used cardboard and boxes from the same mill where Woolworths itself sends its cardboard waste, resulting in a ‘closed loop- recycling’ paper shopping bag in line with circular economy principles. The design process has included durability to ensure the bags can handle the weights and sizes of different fashion, beauty and homeware items. From the consumer perspective, the bags may be re-used for ongoing fashion, beauty and homeware purchases, but will be unsuitable for food purchases as paper bags simply can’t stand up to the inevitable moisture of cold chains items. The new paper bags will also be fully recyclable, making it easy for Woolies’ customers to dispose of the bags responsibly and ensure they don’t go ultimately to landfill.

“The Woolworths paper bag has been designed as a true win-win,” says Feroz Koor: Woolworths Holdings Group Head of Sustainability. “We have had some excellent learnings from the Cape Town trial, which has resulted in a couple of changes, including slight changes to the size of the bags. We are looking forward to extending the trial to Midlands Mall as it offers us the opportunity to test our logistics for an outlying area as well as align our sustainability efforts with the upcoming opening of the Woolies sponsored Wildlands Recycling Village at Midlands Mall.”



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